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The Fun You Can Have with Wilton Character Pans!

I personally own more than 100 Wilton Character Cake Pans! I collect them actually… by searching for older discontinued models on Kijjiji or ebay.  My collection includes everything from Ballerina Slippers to Scoobie Doo and everything you can think of in between!  […]

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Sugar-Free Cake for Aunt Joan’s 85th!

Mike’s Aunt Joan turned 85 this summer and his cousin Paula asked if I could make her a cake to celebrate the occasion… There was a special request though… she wanted the cake to be completely SUGAR FREE.  Oh my… sugar-free is […]

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This blog post is intended to take you through my journey of the amazing experience I had creating my very first display cake in the early months of 2015… It all began in May or June of 2013 when I was taking […]

Posted on: May 4th, 2015 by Pretty Cakes | Posted in Fake Cakes

Mermaid Cake

I was uploading some of my Pretty Cakes photos to my iPad the other day and I realized that I have not yet done a blog post about the amazing mermaid cake I had the pleasure of making a few months ago… […]

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Happy Valentines from Pretty Cakes

I love to make Cake Pops… and EVERYONE loves Roses on Valentines… So I decided to combine the two and show you a step by step procedure that you can use to create these stunning Valentines treats for anyone on your list! […]

Posted on: February 8th, 2015 by Pretty Cakes | Posted in Pretty Cakes

A Simple Cake for a Dear Friend

In the spring of 2014 I had designed an extremely intricate cake for my dear friend Kim Ivison’s birthday.  It was to be 3 stacked Chinese food containers with a dragon flowing through it.  I was actually very excited to make it […]

Posted on: October 23rd, 2014 by Pretty Cakes | Posted in Pretty Cakes

Pretty “Beach” Cake for Kim!

My Sister-in-law, Cynthia has a neighbour who was celebrating a special birthday this year… Kim was turning 50 in June and Cynth wanted to surprise her with a tasty gift.  The cake needed to be incredibly small as there would only be […]

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A “Sweet Pea Anniversary Cake” from Sweetie!

My Aunt Debbie has always called me “Sweetie”, and this June she and My Uncle Randy celebrated their 15th Wedding Anniversary!  Wow… 15years… how time flies!  Such an important milestone should be marked with a Pretty Cake. Don’t you think? I chose […]

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The Wilton School… revisited!

In February Mike and I took a mini vacation to the States.  The Wilton School was beckoning me back to Chicago and Mike was more than happy to come along on this little adventure.  By choosing to drive instead of flying, we […]

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Heading back to school…

I must be the luckiest woman in the world! On February 9th Michael and I are going to run away to the Chicago area for a few days.  I am going to attend a course at the Wilton School again! I am […]

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Kristy & Jon’s Celebration of Marriage August 2013

In early April 2013, while I was beginning my cake classes with my sister-in-law Julie, I had the honour of being asked to make my niece’s wedding cake for her upcoming celebration in August of 2013.  Kristy and Jon were returning from […]

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My Wilton Master Graduation Class!

While I do understand that “beginning at the end” is sort of unorthodox… I have decided to begin the “Wilton School” category of my Pretty Cakes Blog with the GRAD Photo from my Master Class! So here it is… That is me… […]

Posted on: November 26th, 2013 by Pretty Cakes | Posted in Wilton School

Welcome to Pretty Cakes!

Hi there… My name is Dawn Fletcher and I live in Stratford Ontario Canada! I officially discovered the beautiful art of cake decorating in March of 2013 when my husband gave me the Wilton Ultimate Decorating Set as a gift for my […]

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