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Introducing a client who REALLY “Takes the Cake”!

Shortly after I officially opened Pretty Cakes for business, a woman was referred to me by a neighbour.  Laurie messaged me through Facebook and asked if I could make a “Mermaid Cake” for her daughter.  Thus began a relationship (and friendship) that […]

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For the LOVE of Harley-Davidson!

I have owned my 883 Harley-Davidson motorcycle for about 2 years now and if there is one thing I have discovered through the experience, it is that once you join the Harley-Davidson family you meet the nicest, most caring and fun loving […]

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New Website… easier navigation!

Hello everyone… I am THRILLED to announce that we have a brand new website for you to peruse.  Chris Steingart from QT Web Designs has created the most amazing “new look” for Pretty Cakes, which will make it so much more convenient […]

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Sunny Day… Sweepin’ the clouds away…

Sunny Day Sweepin’ the clouds away On my way to where the air is sweet Can you tell me how to get, How to get to Sesame Street… I think anyone and everyone who reads this post will be familiar with the […]

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The Fun You Can Have with Wilton Character Pans!

I personally own more than 100 Wilton Character Cake Pans! I collect them actually… by searching for older discontinued models on Kijjiji or ebay.  My collection includes everything from Ballerina Slippers to Scoobie Doo and everything you can think of in between!  […]

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Kids Cakes are great!

When I first began decorating cakes I was mostly focused on the idea of wedding cakes and adult birthday cakes.  It quickly became apparent to me that many parents wanted really special cakes for their children’s birthday parties. Since I do not […]

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It’s Wedding Season!

This is the very first year that Pretty Cakes can enjoy providing brides and grooms with beautiful wedding cakes and favours, so we have decided to “dive right in”! On February 20th and 21st of this year we attended the ‘s […]

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Who has heard of Monster High? Not I!

My very best customer (Laurie) has 7 children (yes you read that correctly)!  I have had the pleasure of creating several cakes for her family and I keep a running schedule in my Kitchen for her next special day so I can […]

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Who likes Dr Who?

Zach does… that’s who! I have met a wonderful woman who works tirelessly for the Feline Friends organization here in Stratford.  She is so very kind and giving!  Almost immediately after I did the Catapawlooza event this year Marg contacted me and […]

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Classic White on Black

Yesterday I published a post about the “Catapawlooza” event that I did in September.  I was very thrilled that I was given a table for the day, but it also meant that I needed to quickly create a display cake (on top […]

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Just “Peachy”

My Aunt Debbie had a family BBQ in the summertime and she asked me to make a Pretty Cake!  I was thrilled… especially since it would be the very FIRST cake that I would bake in the new Pretty Cakes kitchen! I […]

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The NEW Pretty Cakes Kitchen

Pretty Cakes news… You may have wondered “where” I have been since my last blog post… Being approved by my local Board of Health is paramount to the Pretty Cakes business and to creating cakes legally in my part of the world! […]

Posted on: August 17th, 2015 by Pretty Cakes | Posted in News

Update Pretty Cakes…

BIG NEWS turns into sad news (although there is BRIGHT SIDE to look on…) A few weeks ago I announced that Pretty Cakes would be sharing some incredible news soon… well the news is the same but unfortunately there is also a […]

Posted on: June 22nd, 2015 by Pretty Cakes | Posted in News