Frequently Asked ?’s


Here is a “small” list of questions that I have been asked.  Hope it helps to tell you a bit more about myself and how I create your Pretty Cakes!

Q:  How far ahead should I order?

A:  As soon as you have an inkling that you might want a Pretty Cake I would appreciate beginning the conversation.  The more time the better so I can fit you in the rotation.  Although every effort will be made tom accommodate your needs, 2 weeks notice for a party cake and 2 months notice for a wedding cake is certainly appreciated!

Q:  How much will it cost?

A: This is THE MOST FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION for sure!  The answer… it ALL depends on YOU!  Each cake is a different masterpiece on its own.  We can usually work within ANY budget to create a sweet treat that everyone will love.  Price depends mostly on the time commitment on our end.  Fondant modelling of characters and creatures as well as gum paste flowers take a long time to create and dry.  Cakes that are iced solely in Buttercream take less time to create (usually)!  The design can be very intricate but the icing is piped directly onto the cake and can usually be done in just 1 sitting.  The best option is to contact us as soon as you have an idea that you might need a Pretty Cake and let us work on the design and price with you!

Q:  Will my cake be an original design?

A:  Simply… YES!  While I may gain inspirational ideas from other cakes that I see, I ALWAYS create a one of a kind design for my clients!

Q:  Can I supply a cake design for you to copy (can I bring magazine pictures for you)?

A:  I would love to see your ideas.  Print them off of the internet or bring in a magazine etc… BUT I DO NOT COPY OTHER PEOPLE’S DESIGNS.  We will discuss what you like the most about these ideas you have brought to me and we will design you your OWN Pretty Cake!

Q:  Do you deliver?

A:  Sure we do!  There is a fee for delivery depending on how far away you are from Stratford Ontario

Q:  Do you offer consultations and tastings?

A:  Certainly we do!  We can schedule a free consultation anytime.  Wedding Cake tasting sessions are $50 and include up to 7 flavours of cake, buttercream icing and fondant.  If you order your cake on the day of your tasting a $25.00 discount will be applied to your final order.

Q:  What flavours do you offer for cake?

A:  Carrot, Vanilla, Chocolate, Marble, White, Lemon, Strawberry, Orange, Key Lime, Banana, Spice, Butter Pecan, Red Velvet

Q:  What fillings do you offer?

A:  Buttercream Icing, Cream Cheese Icing, Various Jams, Various custard-like fillings

Q:  Do you make your cakes/cookies from scratch

A:  My sugar cookies are made with a long time family recipe from scratch.

I offer yummy Carrot Cake made from scratch (my Mother’s recipe) and all other cakes are made from a mix.  Now I know that may sound like a bit of a cop out to some people but I am truly NOT a baker.  I am a very highly skilled and certified DECORATOR.  Cake mixes offer me consistency as they turn out the same each and every time and allow me to concentrate on the “Pretty” side of Pretty Cakes.

Q:  Do you make any other kinds of cookies other than sugar cookies?

A:  No.  Sugar cookies (both vanilla and chocolate) offer me a surface in which to decorate with yummy Royal Icing and sometimes fondant.

Q:  Do you require a deposit?

A:  Wedding Cakes yes!  Party Cakes no!

Q:  What payment options do you offer?

A:  You can pay in person in Cash or credit card.  You can pay over the internet with e-transfer or with a credit card through PayPal.

Q:  Do you offer a guarantee?

A:  I can guarantee that your order will be complete and ready when promised and for the price we have agreed upon.

Q:  Do you teach?

A:  I am certainly open to the idea of teaching in any setting.  Simply contact me to discuss your ideas.  In the “not too distant” future I plan to offer classes for up to 6 people in my home!

Q:  Do you offer a cutting fee?

A:  At this time no.

Q:  Can I rent a cake display?

A:  Perhaps yes… contact me to discuss your needs

Q:  Do you have character cake pans that I can rent?

A:  Why YES… I have more than 75 Wilton Character pans that I am happy to rent for a small fee.

Q:  Do you ship?

A:  Cookies YES!  All other yummies do not take to the Canadian Postal Service very well lol.

Q:  Do you do gluten free… sugar free… or dairy free?

A:  Yes… NO… and Yes

Q:  Are all the elements on your cakes edible?

A:  That is ALWAYS the plan.  Although stacked cakes require stability and therefore may contain plastic or bamboo rods inside of the cake to prevent toppling.  I do NOT use plastic characters, animals or flowers on any of my designs.

Q:  Is there any sort of cake design that you will NOT do?

A:  Yes.  I DO NOT offer ‘Naughty Cakes”.  I am not a prude… I simply will not do a cake that I cannot take a picture of and display for all to see on my website or on Facebook.  I DO however have a very good source for Naughty Cakes that I can refer you to!

To be brutally honest I also do not do cakes that I feel are violent or vulgar.  No guns, No graphic hunting themes, No blood and guts (except tastefully at Halloween).  If I honestly don’t think I can call it a Pretty Cake, then I will make every effort to work on an alternate design with you, but I ultimately will not do it if it crosses MY personal Pretty Cake line.

Q:  What is your cancellation policy?

A:  Cancellation within 7 days of pick up or delivery is understandable.  Unfortunately if you have provided a wedding cake deposit it will not be returned.

Q:  Do you make display cakes?

A:  Absolutely!!!  Check out the “Fake Cakes” section here on my website!

Q:  Can you do sweets with printable edible images?

A:  No… but you can get that sort of thing at Walmart.

Q:  Do the prices include fresh flowers?

A:  No.  I am happy to make Royal Icing, Fondant or Gum paste flowers for your cakes, but I do not provide anything that is not edible.  If you are completely set on having real flowers on your cake I can provide you with food safe spikes to go into the cake and hold your flowers.  Lets chat about it…

Q:  What are your hours?

A:  I am not a retail cake shop with regular hours.  I run a Board of Health approved facility out of my home kitchen.  That being said… you can contact me anytime and I will reply as soon as I humanly can.  Pick up times are arranged ahead so I am sure to be available for you.

Q:  What about allergies?

A:  Most of us have them… contact me to see if I can accommodate yours.  Most often I can!

Q:  Are you hiring?

A:  I am always looking for eager people who have a passion for cake decorating.  I would be pleased to accept your resume!

Did I answer your question?  If not, then please send me a note! Click Here