Introducing a client who REALLY “Takes the Cake”!

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Shortly after I officially opened Pretty Cakes for business, a woman was referred to me by a neighbour.  Laurie messaged me through Facebook and asked if I could make a “Mermaid Cake” for her daughter.  Thus began a relationship (and friendship) that has lasted years and endured a great many cakes… this post is a reflection of our journey together.

I have routinely created birthday cakes for 7 (yes SEVEN) of Laurie’s children and also her granddaughter and even a boyfriend of her daughter’s!  I have to say… Laurie is a cake designer’s ideal client.  She always wants the same flavour (white) and leaves the design process completely up to me!  All of my decorator friends would agree she is just a dream!

And so it began with Katana and her “Mermaid Cake” in November of 2014.  This was one of the only cakes I have made for Laurie that wasn’t simply white on the inside… Katana wanted chocolate!  You can read the full story about how I made the fondant topper and the rest of the cake in a blog post here.

I met Laurie for the first time a few days later in a little town close to me called Shakespeare to deliver the cake.  She was so thrilled with the result that she jumped up and down and hugged me! It was just the beginning!

Laurie contacted me again in the spring of 2015 for a “Hippie Bus Cake” for Sydnei, who was turning 15!  Evidently being born in this century did not deter her from feeling like a child of the 60’s lol.  I did a post about this cake too… you can read it here!

I actually had to bake this cake at Mike’s Mom’s house because our kitchen was completely torn apart and we were in the process of building the official PC kitchen in our home!  Laurie and her husband Bill picked up the cake at our home and when she saw the cake Laurie actually squealed on my front lawn, jumped up and down and hugged me like the first time.  It was then and there that I decided I really liked this lady!

The business was inactive for the next few months as Mike and I renovated the house and received official Board of Health approval to open the Pretty Cakes Kitchen!

In the autumn of 2015 Laurie’s asked for a cake for her daughter Dakota, her daughter’s boyfriend Shane and her granddaughter Sophia! The first cake was for Sophia who was turning 1.  Just a tiny cake was needed and since Laurie referred to the baby as “her little ladybug”, that is exactly what I made!

Next I made a “Hydrangea Cake” with royal icing butterflies for Dakota followed by a “Walking Dead Cake” themed cake for Shane.


The New Year began in a busy way and throughout 2016 I made a total of 7 cakes for Laurie’s family.  Each time I saw one of her children they would call me the cake lady!
In January Lilly received a “Monster High Cake” for her 6th birthday!  This cake proved to be very popular on Facebook and I received many more inquiries and orders because of it!

In April It was a “My Little Pony” cake for Journey’s 5th birthday.  This cake marked the first time I used a reverse buttercream transfer technique.  This is why I am grateful for Laurie’s orders and consider her an ideal client.  She allows me to decide on the designs and experiment with new techniques!

Kable and Sydnei’s birthdays are close together in May.  THIS time Sydnei wanted a “Jack Skellington” cake for her 16th birthday and Kable was old enough to have a cake of his own.  He wanted “Transformers” (Bumble Bee to bee exact lol)!  Both cakes went over very well and received rave reviews!


The next cake was a replica of an album cover for Laurie’s oldest son Dalyce.  He was turning 21.  This one was challenging because Dalyce does not like fondant and the entire cake needed to be iced only in buttercream!

Sophia turned 2 in October and a replica cake of her favourite toy was in order.  Hey toy was a plush star with a rainbow on it.  Easy peesy!  So much fun.

Finally for 2016,  Katana turned 8 and the “Shopkins” rage was filling Laurie’s home.  Katana wanted the donut and that is exactly what she got!  One of my favourites so far…

I have made 4 cakes so far this year for Laurie’s kids…

Lilly wanted a “Shopkins” lipstick cake and cupcakes for her 7th birthday!

This year Journey wanted a “Lalaloopsy” cake for her 6th birthday.  I love it when I have the opportunity to do some fondant modelling on a cake.  The topper on this one turned out to be quite large and heavy.  It proved to be a bit difficult but I think I rose to the challenge.  Journey loved it!


Kable wanted a “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle” Cake that resembled his absolutely favourite t-shirt

Sydnei did not want a sugary cake this year but she still wanted me to make her something.  I came up with a cake made of a Watermelon Cake iced in whipped cream and decorated with other fruits.  She loved it!  Happy 17th birthday my Hippie girl.  This was her 3rd Pretty Cake!

Wow… that makes 16 Pretty Cakes created by me for just 1 family!  I am in awe… and so very grateful for the opportunity!

Till next time…

P.S. Nowadays I have a list at the beginning of my “current orders” binder that contains all the kids names, ages and birthdays!  I simply contact Laurie a few weeks before the due date and ask her for a theme!  By my calculations there will be at least 4 more cakes for Laurie’s crew this year and I am looking forward to each one of them!

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