For the LOVE of Harley-Davidson!

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I have owned my 883 Harley-Davidson motorcycle for about 2 years now and if there is one thing I have discovered through the experience, it is that once you join the Harley-Davidson family you meet the nicest, most caring and fun loving people in the universe!  It is most likely a natural progression that once I began meeting people from the H-D family that it would carry over into my Pretty Cakes business and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

It all started at Rocky’s Harley-Davidson in London Ontario where Mike and I rode one day to check out the shop and buy a t-shirt.  We were casually talking to one of the ladies in the store when she happened to notice the picture on my phone of “Ruby” (my big red display cake with 200 roses) and asked me for a card.  I told her a bit about Pretty Cakes and explained that I would love to make a Harley cake for them some time.  They called me about 2 weeks later offering me a table for their Ladies “Garage Night” and to ask me if I could make a cake for 100 or more with the Rocky’s logo.  Piece of cake!

I set to work making a few display cakes for my table…

I also baked and iced more that 100 pink Harley Sugar cookies to sell for Breast Cancer that evening.  I sold out in 2 hours and donated almost $300!

But the pièce de résistance was the cake that I made for the ladies to enjoy!  It was orange and black marble on the inside and featured a reverse buttercream piped logo!  I wanted to try a brand new technique for this cake and the logo looked amazing!

I am very grateful to the folks at Rocky’s H-D for inviting us to participate and meet so many great people!

2 days after the show I received an order for 3 dozen of these… 🙂

It was shortly after that night that Mike and I went to Kitchener Harley-Davidson and we immediately knew that we had reached our “Home Base”.  I think the first person I met was Nastasia.  She is petite and pretty and one of the friendliest people I know.  We began talking about bikes and rides and I mentioned that I had recently participated in a show at Rocky’s.  After I showed her some pictures (and Mike and I BOTH bought a t-shirt) we promised to return next time with some cookies!

As promised about 2 weeks later…

Kitchener HD ran a contest on Facebook to post your favourite Harley picture and I posted a cake I had made for Mike’s cousin Al…

Needless to say I won a $100 gift certificate and Mike and I headed in to KW for our final visit to the store before they packed up and moved to the fantastic new location in Cambridge!  Blackbridge Harley-Davidson was about to open!  I believe it was during this visit that Treena, the Service Manager of Kitchener Harley-Davidson suggested to Mike that we join the Grand River Chapter of the HOG group.  We were intrigued to say the least!  We joined after the first meeting.  Mike bought a vest and patches and needless to say we have been “Whole HOG” ever since!  We have met and become close friends with some wonderful people!

I have enjoyed making some sweets for our meetings in the wintertime when we do not ride to meetings… cupcakes mostly.

I even made some treats for the spring dance!  Lime, orange, chocolate and vanilla.  Notice the little fondant HOGS on them!!!

Recently Blackbridge Harley-Davidson celebrated it’s Grand Opening and asked me to supply some cupcakes for the hundreds of people that were expected.  I went “full throttle” and made 10 dozen delicious treats with different flavours of buttercream.  They were quite a hit!


To date… Mike and I have stopped in at more that 100 H-D Dealers in the USA and Canada and each and every visit has been an amazing experience!  I think that averages out to a t-shirt a week for Mike lol

And so ends my adventure so far with Harley themed goodies.  Stay tuned!

Till next time…

All Hail Harley-Davidson!

P.S.  Let it not be said that Mike has been forgotten in all of this!  Of course I made him HD cupcakes for his birthday last year!

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