The Fun You Can Have with Wilton Character Pans!

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I personally own more than 100 Wilton Character Cake Pans!

I collect them actually… by searching for older discontinued models on Kijjiji or ebay.  My collection includes everything from Ballerina Slippers to Scoobie Doo and everything you can think of in between!  They are great fun to use and a true asset when you need to create a fun cake in a hurry!  I began collecting them about 3 years ago when I was at the dawn of my cake decorating journey.

While browsing through one of my many Wilton yearbooks I came across a section that showed a certain style of pan and then explained several different themes you could create using that particular pan.  I think the specific example was a crown shaped pan that showed how to also make a camping scene, a bowling theme and finally a Fathers Day cake using the crown pan!

crown pan

There was also a ladybug pan that showed how to also create a racoon cake, a pinstriped bug cake and finally a cute little hedgehog cake!

ladybug pan

When you visit the site you can search many of the cake pans and actually find step by step directions for recreating their cake designs.  Some of the older pans, however have lost their instructions but it is relatively simple to create your own style and cake design.  The hardest part is already done for you (the basic molding of the design!) Most of the character pans use just 1 cake mix batter and typically cut into 12 pieces which proves to be very versatile not only in design but in simplicity for baking and general size!

The first character cake that I made was a “Teddy in a Tutu” cake and I followed the instructions from the Wilton site.  It was so simple and so much fun!

Teddy in a Tutu Cake Aug 2013teddy-in-a-tutu-cake

Whether you are a seasoned cake decorator or a novice, using character pans unleashes a different sort of creativity that showcases any level of your expertise!  Anyone can do it… no special training needed!

Since that very first cake I have created several masterpieces using my many pans… here is a collection of some of them… enjoy!

pirate boypirate ship


1st Birthday Cake for Abigail Aug 2013Abby's 1st Birthday Cakecarriage pan

Baby Shower Cake Nov 2013rocking horse pan

Torias caketeddy pan

Bieber Cakeguitar pan

Start Your Engineslightening mcqueen pan

Pippaariel pan



P.S. A few people have mentioned to me that they feel using character pans is a bit of a novice technique.  I disagree totally.  While my first attempt looks a bit shaky, you can certainly see that my skills and line work has become quite good with practice.  Each and every time I go to use a character pan nowadays I fall back on the thousands of hours I have practiced with extreme stringwork and other techniques and the cake looks even more professional than I ever thought possible!


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