Kids Cakes are great!

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When I first began decorating cakes I was mostly focused on the idea of wedding cakes and adult birthday cakes.  It quickly became apparent to me that many parents wanted really special cakes for their children’s birthday parties.

Since I do not have children directly in my life, it became quite a challenge to design cakes around the themes I was given.  Challenging and extremely gratifying!  I found myself watching Lillo and Stitch, My Little Pony and Hercules cartoons.  I read a book about a hungry caterpillar and FINALLY watched the Frozen movie after revisiting one of my favourite movies… CARS!

Stitch Birthday CakeHercules

My Little Pony

Hungry Caterpillar CakeStart Your Engines

It is such a gift to make cakes for children.  They are always so thrilled and happy and excited when they see a cake that is just for them.  I had not considered just how rewarding a simple ladybug cake could be.  In the beginning my aspirations were focused on the most intricate and difficult techniques and I had lost sight of the simplicity of it all.  Cake is art, but it is also emotion… and the sheer happiness of a child’s smile is the most gratifying emotion of all!

Frozen Birthday CakePippa


I hope you enjoy the pictures in this post of some of the “Kids Cakes” I have made! Let me know if YOU want a special cake for YOUR child soon!


P.S. I think I forgot to mention Ariel, Lorax and Bumblebee from Transformers lol

Lorax cake

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