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Sooo many cupcakes have been created in the Pretty Cakes kitchen over the last few months!

I LOVE making cupcakes!  They are usually filled with a shot of icing or jam or custard and iced in buttercream with a swirl or perhaps a fondant topper or Royal Icing flowers!

Birthday Flowers for Monica! My Aunt loves cupcakes and her beautiful gardens… so this year I made her chocolate and lemon cupcakes filled and iced with buttercream and topped  with little fondant flowers.  Too cute!

Summer flowers

Emerson needs gluten free cupcakes so this year I made him some chocolate treats with his favourite Pokeman character!


In October I went to motorcycle school.  It was grueling to say the least.  10 hour days were the norm and homework every night too!  Mike decided he would try his hand at making the class some cupcakes… I think he did an amazing job with these filled and buttercream swirled jumbo gems!

Mike's Cupcakes

The Dundas Figure Skating Club contacted me and asked for a Cupcake Donation for their Graduation Party for 2015!  The Pretty Cakes Kitchen was in the middle of being built at that moment so I gratefully “borrowed” the kitchen of my BFF in KW and created 100 Pretty Cupcakes for the crew!  They were very happy with the donation!

Cupcakes for Dundas Figure Skating Club

I was thrilled to make a special lady from the Feline Friends organization in Stratford these Lime cupcakes for her friends birthday celebration.  They were filled and decorated with buttercream and featured pretty little Royal Icing drop flowers!

Yellow Flower Cupcakes

Mike’s birthday was in February and we were having people drop over for a drink and a bowl of chili over a 2 day time frame.  I decided cupcakes would be better than a cake to avoid the possibility of them drying out.  I made orange and chocolate and decorated them in “Harley” colours!  Yummy!

Mikes Harley Cupcakes

Dog and Cat cupcakes for the Stratford Humane Society!  This year I partnered with Romeo Pet Hospital to gather donations for our local humane society!  I made over 100 chocolate and vanilla cupcakes in 8 styles (4 cat and 4 dog) and we raised about $750.00 I think!!!  Sooo much work on these little furbabies!

Dog and Cat Cupcakes

Engagement cupcakes are so much fun.  I was asked to do 3 flavours and 3 designs for this order.  It was such a hoot!  These cupcakes were cherry, chocolate and vanilla cake filled and topped with buttercream and a fancy fondant and hand piped royal icing topper!


I have done 2 wedding shows this year and for “samples” I have been making the yummy “YUMMIES”.  I made about 500 of these little 2 biters for each show!


After I made all of the YUMMIES for the last Wedding Show I did on Cambridge, I made some cupcakes for the co-ordinators to take home.  These chocolate multicoloured cupcakes were a hit for sure!!!

multi coloured

So now you are updated with the cupcakes from the Pretty Cakes kitchen!


P.S. I had originally decided to only make JUMBO cupcakes and never offer the more traditional smaller versions, but I have changed n=my mind on this.  As long as I can decorate them in a Pretty Manner and not just a simple swirl, then I am up for it!

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