It’s Wedding Season!

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This is the very first year that Pretty Cakes can enjoy providing brides and grooms with beautiful wedding cakes and favours, so we have decided to “dive right in”!

On February 20th and 21st of this year we attended the ‘s London Ontario Wedding Show… and oh my goodness it was so much fun!  We were the only cake vendors at the show and over the two days more than 350 brides AND their entourages were expected.

For 3 weeks before the event I designed, covered and decorated a variety of different cake dummy’s in order to show the many techniques I can offer.  I have to say that I much prefer working with “fake cakes” than I do actual cakes.  Since I am not really a lover of baking (good thing Mike LOVES it! lol), the idea of simply covering Styrofoam with fondant or Royal icing and decorating to my heart’s content is so much more fun!

Here are some of the cakes that I made for the show with a brief explanation at the end of the techniques involved…
My RubyPC4

5          2

White on Black


Ruby: I actually made this cake in February 2015 and it was my first display cake!  200 gum paste roses adorn this beauty and it took almost 90 hours to actually make this entire piece!

Chassie: This extended string cake is a great representation of my new style… and I decided to make her in typical “Pretty Cakes” colours!

Baroque and Tiffany:  This yellow beauty and Tiffany masterpiece were created simply to show how fondant molds can be used to create  classic loos!  Gum Paste Roses or Calla Lilies can be used as toppers and are interchangeable of course!

Classic White on Black:  I made this cake in September 2015 for the Catapawlooza show in Stratford.  It is a combination of typical Lambeth techniques and a bit of my own signature flair!

Purity: THIS cake was/is my favourite.  I have strung her twice… once a few days before the show and again on the 1st day of the show!  Why twice you ask???  Because Mike mistakenly knocked a cake board into the veil on the night before the show and shattered it completely!  It was actually funny!  No big deal.  I just did it again (5 hours… good to know)

We also had a cookie display board… which I need to change up a bit because many people thought they were fridge magnets and not representations of cookie favours!

I was asked by the even coordinators to make some yummy samples of our cakes, so Mike and I made more than 700 little 2 bite cupcakes for everyone to enjoy!  EVERYONE enjoyed them!
baby cakes

Mike wasn’t able to attend the second day of the show and so my BFF Sandie came to London with me. We had a blast and I certainly owe her one for all her help… even though when she dropped the back topper thing of her new F150 to open it up and load the truck, all the NEW string on the Purity Cake broke!  Oh well… 3rd time will be a charm lol.

Looking forward to doing the Wedding show in Cambridge on April 9th with the same group!

P.S. I honestly have to thank my husband Mike… he helps me every time I ask him to and it seems that EVERYONE loves him so.  On the second day of the show everyone was saying “Where is Mike?  Isn’t Mike here today?  He will be here later on right?”  WOW!

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