Who has heard of Monster High? Not I!

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My very best customer (Laurie) has 7 children (yes you read that correctly)!  I have had the pleasure of creating several cakes for her family and I keep a running schedule in my Kitchen for her next special day so I can contact her well in advance and discuss theme and quantities etc…

Mermaid Cake$RZGNFVPButterflies on Hydrangea CakeLadybug Cake

Recently, it was little Lilly’s 6th birthday and originally she wanted a cake with a “My Little Pony” theme.  Not too difficult, and I was really looking forward to it.

Well, as I have come to learn since beginning this cake decorating journey… little kids change their minds ALL the time!  Little Lilly decided that she would like a Monster High Pretty Cake instead!  Monster High?  Oh my!

I had absolutely NO IDEA what a Monster High was, but after just a little bit of research I realized that I was faced with creating a Pretty Cake for a 6 year old that had a white skull and zebra stripes on it!  Again… oh my!

I wanted to make this cake extra special for Lilly. The bottom tier was to be pink with black zebra stripes, and I chose to try a new method and actually make the inside of the cake a zebra design also.  YouTube is an amazing resource for cake designers.  I am so grateful for the videos that people have created and shared.  I found a video that explained step by step how to make a zebra cake.  Perfect!

I mixed up the cake batter for both tiers and filled the 6” top tier pan.  Then I divided the remaining batter into 3 equal parts and tinted one pink and one black.

Next I layered the colours by using an ice cream scoop to place a white scoop first, then a pink scoop directly on top of the white, followed by a black scoop directly on top of that!  I repeated the process until all of the batter was used up and baked both cakes!

Monster High Cake 1Monster High Cake 2

Then I followed the same process I always do… I leveled the cakes, torted and filled them twice.

Monster High Cake 3

The bottom cake was iced in pink buttercream with black fondant stripes.  The top cake was iced in white buttercream and black fondant diamonds were attached.  Next I added the little pink fondant blossoms I had made a few days prior when I made the cute little white skull topper!

Monster High Cake

I must say that while I was hesitant that this would turn out to actually be a “Pretty Cake” I knew that it was perfect once I decorated the board and stepped back to take it all in… but the big question was if it would actually look like a zebra print when cut!  Check out the P.S to see the results!


P.S. This Pretty Cake was created using basic white cake, vanilla buttercream with vanilla fondant.
Zebra cake inside!Lilly

PERFECT! Isn’t she a little sweetheart?

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