A Hippie Bus For Sydnei!

Posted on: June 2nd, 2015 by Pretty Cakes | Posted in Pretty Cakes

Shortly after returning home from Idaho (extensive posts about my trip coming soon) my friend Laura asked me to make a birthday cake for her little girl Sydnei.  It seems that Sydnei feels she was born in the wrong decade… she is a hippie through and through!

Do you remember the Mermaid Cake I made last year?  Well THAT cake was for Katana (Laura’s other daughter) and Sydnei’s cake needed to be just THAT special!

So we discussed the options and decided that I would make Sydnei a “Hippie Bus” with a little girl on top to look like her daughter.  What fun!!!

I baked the cake at Mike’s Moms house (since I still don’t have the reno complete… soon!) and Mike decided that he wanted to help me carve and decorate it.  We had a blast!  I was so thrilled to use some of the over-piping ideas I had learned in Idaho with Davids Cakes and also add my own little finishing touches.


Laura was thrilled… Sydnei was thrilled… and another Pretty Cake was enjoyed by all!

I love my life!


P.S. this Pretty Cake was Vanilla with pink and green rainbow bits, vanilla buttercream and vanilla fondant!

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  1. gina ursery says:

    I will love to have a hippie bus cake for a happy birthday boy is coming up in June 5 for a one your old can you do it for me a smell cake for a baby boy how much will you charge me for a white cake hippie but thanks you gina ursery 501-753-5343

    • Pretty Cakes says:

      Hi Gina… it looks to me that you are in the United States. I cannot ship cakes across the border from Canada. Sorry!

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