Mermaid Cake

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I was uploading some of my Pretty Cakes photos to my iPad the other day and I realized that I have not yet done a blog post about the amazing mermaid cake I had the pleasure of making a few months ago… so here goes!  Enjoy! ~Dawn

In the fall of last year I was contacted by a friend of a friend who was searching for a cake for her daughter’s birthday.  Katana loves mermaids, and I was asked to make a cake that was similar to Ariel.  So I began searching the Wilton website (as I always did at the time) for ideas and inspiration.  Immediately I found some Ariel cakes made with a Wilton character pan and the client was thrilled with the idea.  THEN I realized that THAT particular cake pan was nearly impossible to find to buy or rent.  Bummer.

I began formulating new ideas.  I thought to myself… “I can do fondant modelling!”. So after searching a bit online I found an amazing video that took me step by step through the process of modelling a mermaid cake topper.  It was so simple!  I remember calling to mind my time spent with my dear friend and teacher at the Wilton School, Lorena Hernandez, and all the advice she had given me for modelling faces and people in general.  Particularly her mantra about talking to your little people as you create them.  I love that!  MY little mermaid creation became a combination of my skills learned at the school and the video online.  She was so pretty!

forming the tailadding scales

adding the tailtorso and head

finished mermaid

Next came the cake itself.  I baked 2 yummy cakes in 10 x 3 pans and levelled, torted and iced them with buttercream.  While it was setting up in the fridge I covered the cake board in little petals that I ultimately planned on covering the entire cake with.  Honestly… I was having so much fun with it!

I decided to do an ombre effect with graduating blue fondant to replicate water on the cake.  Almost 200 little petals covered this cake.

cake board for mermaid cakeombre effect

Next I used the Wilton “Sea Life Fondant and Gum Paste” mold to embellish my design with little shells and coral etc. and finished the board by using the Wilton “Letters and Numbers” mold to write Happy Birthday Katana.  All that was left to do was to attach the topper and this Pretty Cake was complete!  The birthday girl and her friends loved it!
mermaid top

mermaid cake back

Mermaid Cake

I loved it when people ask me to make another cake for a different family member.  This week I am set to make a ‘Hippy Bus” cake for another of my new friend’s daughters.  Stay tuned!


P.S. This Pretty Cake was made with chocolate cake and vanilla buttercream icing and vanilla fondant.

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